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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tackle Your TBR RaT ~ Day 6 Updates

Day 6 is upon us. Yesterday was my weakest day with just one book read and shorter than the one I finished the day before. I think I'm due for a bit of a break, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow for FOOTBALL!! :) I think I'm just restless because I didn't end up liking the last book I read, then I started a new audio last night and I didn't like it at all. The narrator was horrible and I could just tell from the start I wouldn't like it. That drives me nuts.

So, I don't know what I'll start today but I want to read at least 1 book again. I'm going to hit my goal easily with the start I had, I've finished 9 books now, so only 4 more to go, for my goal. I may just take it easy today, just finish one book over the weekend or something. Dunno. :) We'll see if I get into my next book or not, that always makes a difference. :)

The Challenge:

Today's challenge is hosted by Wishful Endings and is an Opposite Book Covers challenge. This one was fun, I could spend all day finding opposites. :)

I couldn't leave the last book of this series, within the TNG series, out. It's just one book, so doesn't fit the challenge, but is an opposite cover on it's own. :)

The Progress:


Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 30 min / 45 pages (DNF ~ Monument 14)
Day Time Audio listening time/pages:
Kindle reading time / pages: 2 hr / 158 pages (Lucky Day, Career Day, Neutral Mask, Blood Boy)
Number of books I've read today: 4
Total number of books I've read: 13
Current Book:
Pages Read Today: 203 (DNF Monument 14, Lucky Day, Career Day, Neutral Mask, Blood Boy)
Total Pages Read: 2,318 pages
Time Read Today: 2 hr 30 min
Total Time Read: 30 hr 30 min
Challenges Participated in today: Opposite Book Covers
Today's Completed Books:

Today's Completed Comics / digital chapters of Arkham Unhinged:

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How's your progress going?
What's your favorite book you've read so far?


  1. love all of the opposite covers!:) yay! looks like your challenge is coming along nicely! im staring on the barry series novellas and 3rd book finally, cant wait to read em all

  2. Those titles were perfect for opposites! Love them!! Wow! You're up to 13 books read. That is amazing! What are you going to read next week? ;)