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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tackle Your TBR RaT ~ Mid-Point Check In

Day 7! Midway through the Read-a-Thon. Doesn't seem like it, time goes by too quickly! Today is FOOTBALL!! So probably the only reading I'll do is tonight before bed and that'll probably be after midnight for tomorrow. Maybe I'll squeeze in a few comics here and there. :)

So where am I? If I count the short stories I've read in a series I like (though I feel like that's cheating a bit), I've met all my goals but one and reading that book now. :)

The Goals:

  • Read at least 13 books ~ Completed (5 novels, 4 novellas, 4 short stories)
  • Read at least the next 6 digital chapters of Arkham Unhinged ~ Completed 10 + 2 WH13
  • Read at least 6 books of the ones I pick out, if not all ~ reading the 6th now
  • Visit no less than 10 blogs a day, commenting on most ~ calling this complete (see below)
  • Do all the challenges I can ~ all but 1 so far & continuing
  • Have Fun! ~ continuing! :)

As for blogs, there haven't been that many to visit. :( I've been visiting all the ones who leave comments on each day's updates. I've been leaving comments where I can. I found out last week that I'm having trouble leaving comments. I can't leave them on blogs with "Comment Luv" and some other non-Blogger blogs. Places where I can sign in with Google are the only places I can leave comments. I also don't tend to comment on blogs that don't appear to want comments (didn't ask questions of their readers).

How is everyone doing for their midway point? Leave a link and I'll come visit! :)

The Completed Books:

The Completed Comics / Digital Chapters:

The Progress:


Night Time Audio listening time/pages: 1 hr 30 min / 100 pages (Betrayal)
Day Time Audio listening time/pages:
Kindle reading time / pages: 30 min / 25 pages (Aftermath)
Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read: 13
Current Book:
Pages Read Today: 125 pages
Total Pages Read: 2,443 pages
Time Read Today: 2 hr
Total Time Read: 32 hr 30 min
Challenges Participated in today: none listed
Today's Completed Books:
Today's Completed Comics / digital chapters of Arkham Unhinged:

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How's your progress going?
What's your favorite book you've read so far?


  1. Ok, so I'm impressed--that's a lot of words read! I've only managed to finish 3 books so far, but at least I'm getting through my TBR list. Hope you have a great week!

  2. yay for your week! looks like you're doing awesome!:)

    My Mid-Point is HERE

  3. You are doing so totally aweseme!!! Really. I totally know what you mean about not as many posting updates. It is a rather laid-back rat, so I guess that's the downside. We also have quite a few Goodreads participants and they don't normally link up so you have to just go to their sign-up to see their profiles there. It's great you've been visiting everyone. I hope hist week is another great week for you! Lot's more fun coming up!! :D

  4. What?? You're almost done! This is great. You probably still have time to add a few more books to your goals. But overall, great job Karsyn!