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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tackle Your TBR ~ Day 11 Update

Day 11 is here, and the end is near! How has everyone done with this challenge? Make a dent in your TBR, or like me, had you just added more books to your TBR than you read? I was going through my GoodReads recommendations again and ended up adding 37 more books to my TBR. It's a growing list I'll never finish!

If you came by yesterday, you know that I was SUPER excited to be getting out of my house!! What many people take for granted (getting in a car and going somewhere) is something I haven't done for over 2 years. So when my friend asked for my help to move her stuff to storage, I jumped at the chance. I was out of the house for almost 10 hours, I saw a new part of the state I haven't been able to explore yet (we moved here just over 2 years ago), drove a convertible, and I got to eat Wendy's (which I haven't had in almost 3 years!). So yeah, I was super excited to go, and had a good time. Best of all? I got a small bookcase out of the deal!!! No more ghetto USPS box DIY bookshelves!! :)

And I did get to read a little, while waiting for her to pick up the moving truck and getting a storage unit and after I got home, I ended up finishing a novella I started, so YAY for a great day all around!

The Challenge:

Today is a Color Challenge from Wishful Endings. You may be able to tell from my blog, I have a thing for Black & White covers with a splash of Red (that stems from my love for The Night Circus) but since this called for one color, I chose one favorite stand alone color ~ Purple.

The Progress:


Night Time Audio listening time/pages:
Day Time Audio listening time/pages:
Kindle reading time / pages: 1 hr / 75 (Festive in Death, Times Edge)
Number of books I've read today:
Total number of books I've read: 16
Current Book: Time's Edge
Pages Read Today: 75
Total Pages Read: 3,031 pages
Time Read Today: 1 hr
Total Time Read: 41 hr 30 min
Challenges Participated in today: Color Challenge
Today's Completed Books:
Today's Completed Comics / digital chapters of Arkham Unhinged:

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  1. I like the purple! :) Thanks for participating!

  2. You did get some reading done too, so good job! I hope you get a bunch in today with your husband home tomorrow!!!

  3. think for black and white and red covers? I hadn't noticed at all ;) i think you're doing awesome:)